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AISHE ID: U-0751

26 May 2024

Dada Lakhmi Chand State University of Performing and Visual Arts

Rohtak - 124001 Haryana (India)

(A State University established under Haryana Act 24 of 2014)


Role and Functions

Since the present shapes the future, alumni can actively contribute to the growth and development of current students by volunteering to mentor new students in their fields of expertise. They also have a big part in giving scholarships to worthy students by staying in touch with them, sharing their knowledge and best practices in a certain industry, mentoring them, and providing opportunities to get jobs. Feedback's primary goals are to raise performance and encourage both professional and personal development. It brings people together and fosters a pleasant communication flow. It also offers constructive feedback and enables us to identify what each of us can adjust to better our focus and outcomes. Gathering input from many stakeholders makes it easier to assess if the university is accomplishing its goals and allows it to make the necessary corrections, enhancements, or changes.